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Opening Times Today

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Brighton Festival Artists' Open Houses.

We are open at weekends throughout May (11 am - 5 pm) as part of the Art in Ditchling Trail.

Come and see a new exhibition - paintings of Mountains and tuck into some coffee and chocolate brownies!


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rooks hill cover for website 3.3.18 

Rook's Hill - Ghost Tales from a Hidden World

by Rosemary Pavey

Ten stories of life and death to stir the imagination - intriguing, entertaining and beautifully written, Meet 'The Thing' in The Old Rectory, a lethal adversary at chess, a dying painter and two old bats who run a pets' cemetery...

Listen. Draw up a chair. The wind has a tale to tell and you might be surprised to hear what the wind knows.


166 pp Paperback  6"x9"


Artist of the Week - William Morris

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A trip last week to Walthamstow to visit the William Morris Gallery. Spacious, light, serene - everything so beautifully presented. And I have come home feeling reassured that it is all right to have a finger in many pies. Morris was a master auto-didact, one in a great line of independent thinkers, but the scope of his interests still takes the breath away. And he did not dabble. He tackled all on a heroic scale. One can feel the energy of the man, how leads branch out from his mainstem ideas, just like the verdure in one of his decorative borders. Drawing leads to textiles, to glass, to church architecture; reading, to poetry, to Iceland, to translation of ancient texts, to printing; historical studies to social comment, to lectures, political demonstrations and arrest. A man weaving conviction into tangible form - the shape of William Morris. I remember an extraordinarily gifted Japanese friend once dismissing her ability to play the piano - "Oh anyone can learn that - it's just a skill." Morris the polymath proved his own adroitness with 'skills' but there is more. More even than a towering desire to reinvent the world. And yet a sadness too. One feels that the energy is born of fury and disappointment, a will to repair what is otherwise fatally flawed. The whiteness and spaciousness of the William Morris Gallery give little hint of this. And Morris himself, dreaming of a world washed clean, reclothed, refreshed, hardly allows it. Today he has, in turn, become the victim of his own success - a package, a product. I have seen William Morris wellington boots and garden trowels in garden centres! Everything he would most loathe. The Arts and Crafts Movement which he founded has itself become a museum piece. Where, then, does one turn to find his legacy alive in practice?

Well perhaps within? Morris refuses to be dumbed down. His words, as the Walthamstow Gallery shows to such effect, are still infectious. His delight in whatever is difficult remains an inspiration. Utopia may seem farther away now than he would have believed possible, but the English visionary pastoral tradition never relied on practical progress for its survival.

I think of Blake, sitting under his vine, surrounded by the stench and filth of of Lambeth, or glimpsing the Thames from his beggarly room in Fountain Court and still seeing Paradise.

The energy is irrepressible. If Morris's vines and tendrils have anything to tell us it is surely this.

Can't wait to get back to work...

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  1. Adrian

    hi Rosemary, On Saurday I visited your Studio as part of A O H, Ditchling and saw your many paintings and books. Although there were lots of art on display I fell in love with your painting - Oxford in the snow... your welcome, honesty and willingness to talk about your writing and paintings was very much appreciated. Best wishes.

    Posted on

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view from the top of wastwater screes

A new series of paintings exploring the landscape of Mountains.

Ever suffer from mountain-sickness - the longing to take off into wild and inaccessible places?

300 miles from the nearest peak, Rosemary finds a cure by swapping boots for brushes and takes a walk in paint through the wilderness landscapes of her mind.

Exhibition open throughout weekends in May and at other times when possible. Please see opening times for daily information.


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