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Opening Times Today

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Brighton Festival Artists' Open Houses.

We are open at weekends throughout May (11 am - 5 pm) as part of the Art in Ditchling Trail.

Come and see a new exhibition - paintings of Mountains and tuck into some coffee and chocolate brownies!


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rooks hill cover for website 3.3.18 

Rook's Hill - Ghost Tales from a Hidden World

by Rosemary Pavey

Ten stories of life and death to stir the imagination - intriguing, entertaining and beautifully written, Meet 'The Thing' in The Old Rectory, a lethal adversary at chess, a dying painter and two old bats who run a pets' cemetery...

Listen. Draw up a chair. The wind has a tale to tell and you might be surprised to hear what the wind knows.


166 pp Paperback  6"x9"


Green Thoughts in a Green Shade...

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For the past week we have been woken early by a male tawny owl in the great lime tree behind our house. He is signing off for the day after a night’s hunting and his final and surprisingly loud “Hu-hu-woo-woo-wooo!” uttered just as the robins and blackbirds are finding their voices, serves as an unearthly but rather pleasing alarm for sleepy humans! A female makes a distant reply from somewhere down by the Big Pond. Are they courting? Checking out the local tree-holes and abandoned squirrel’s dreys as possible nest-sites? There are some desirable-looking crow’s nests going begging in the beech wood - very little refurbishment required. But I read that farmland tawny owls have a territory of up to 65 hectares so perhaps the lime tree is just a temporary stopover. A pair of buzzards have been hunting regularly over Spatham Field. Any voles and rabbits round here need to keep their ears well-pricked!

Our first lamb was born a week ago in a howling gale to a Welsh Badger-Face dam, and with true mountain hardiness is up and skipping, impervious to the weather. The great engine of spring is rolling inexorably now: Snowdrops, battered by the rain are looking tired already ; elder and hazel are putting forth leaves; the ground is red with fallen alder catkins. All manner of weeds - the good gardener's bane and salad-hunter's delight - are sprouting in profusion. Young chickweed, cleavers, wild garlic, dandelion and shepherd's purse lay claim to our garden at this time of year - all brilliant additions to a herb omelette, or mixed leaf salad, with nutty, bitter and astringent tones indicative of the powerful nutritional agents they contain. This is what my husband's farming father aptly named 'Doctor Green' and could be trusted to transform winter's weakened indoor cattle into robust roisterers in a matter of days from their being turned out to graze. Our  ancestors were firm believers in the efficacy of a 'spring purge' to drive sluggishness out of the system. Cresses, dandelions,  and other bitter 'tonics', not to mention the ubiquitous nettle, offered free medicine to all who could reach a hedgerow. Today, when 'power salads' in supermarkets cost a couple of pounds a go, perhaps it is worth nurturing some weeds for the table.

New greetings cards depicting some of the creatures from Stoneywish are in progress and will soon be available at the Visitor Centre in Spatham Lane or at the Studio, Turner Dumbrell’s Workshops, Ditchling. Not the owl, however. I shall have to get up earlier to catch him.

Meanwhile, work continues on a new book of short stories for the summer. The studio. looking resplendant after a  recent spate of decorating, rebukes me with blank walls and I find myself, having neglected artist's brushes for so long, feeling like Burne-Jones in the cartoon,  overwhelmed by unpainted masterpieces. A situation in need of remedy. I suspect more greens, in every sense, are required!

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Unit 13,Turner-Dumbrell Workshops, Ditchling.

Open most Saturday mornings 10.30-1.00 and whenever I am working there. ( mornings and afternoons Tues-Fri)

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view from the top of wastwater screes

A new series of paintings exploring the landscape of Mountains.

Ever suffer from mountain-sickness - the longing to take off into wild and inaccessible places?

300 miles from the nearest peak, Rosemary finds a cure by swapping boots for brushes and takes a walk in paint through the wilderness landscapes of her mind.

Exhibition open throughout weekends in May and at other times when possible. Please see opening times for daily information.


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