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Opening Times Today

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Brighton Festival Artists' Open Houses.

We are open at weekends throughout May (11 am - 5 pm) as part of the Art in Ditchling Trail.

Come and see a new exhibition - paintings of Mountains and tuck into some coffee and chocolate brownies!


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rooks hill cover for website 3.3.18 

Rook's Hill - Ghost Tales from a Hidden World

by Rosemary Pavey

Ten stories of life and death to stir the imagination - intriguing, entertaining and beautifully written, Meet 'The Thing' in The Old Rectory, a lethal adversary at chess, a dying painter and two old bats who run a pets' cemetery...

Listen. Draw up a chair. The wind has a tale to tell and you might be surprised to hear what the wind knows.


166 pp Paperback  6"x9"


'Through Leaves' Thoughts

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Here we are in January. The dreaded accounts have been filed. Christmas is all  but forgotten and I have run out of excuses for not getting back to work. All the same it is tempting to linger in this un-time, rather than launch into the whirligig madness of 'business as usual'. The farm is quiet. One month left before we open once more to the public. The sheep have not yet begun to lamb. The bindweed has not yet taken stranglehold of the garden. And we are blessed with  blue skies and starry nights. Just now everything seems possible, full of promise. The mind settles, trusting that words and images will start to come...

I determine, as every year I determine to keep better account of what is happening and this seems a good place to start. A glimpse of Stoneywish and whatever else catches the eye. The five degrees of frost which have bitten these last few nights seem to have made little difference to a general stampede towards spring inspired by lengthening days. Snowdrop shoots grow visibly day by day. The winter aconites are already in bloom, spreading sunshine along the stream by the Black Swan pond. And today a valiant mole has raised three stupendous heaps in the middle of the lawn. When I think how I struggled with my iron trowel to plant some bulbs in the frozen earth yesterday, I am astonished at what he can do with his naked hands! So greetings to all who are likewise getting on with 2017. Now that the geese have mastered the art of walking on ice, they seem to be thriving in this weather. They are even making preliminary amorous overtures. One large white gander, which arrived a couple of years ago and has never quite fitted in, has decided that he belongs with the Canada geese now returned to the Top Pond where they bred last year. When they wander off to steal barley from the sheep in the neighbouring field, he trots along too, then watches bemused as they take to the skies. Poor Gobbet (so named because of his greed for lumps of bread) will never clear the ground with his great belly and plods back to join the main flock till his friends return.

Vita Sackville-West used the term ‘through leaves’ to denote any particularly satisfying simple experience. Scuffing through leaves in autumn was the origin of the phrase, of course, but ‘through leaves’ came to refer to a whole range of un-looked for pleasures. She lists writing with a perfect pen, or cutting the pages of a new book among her examples. And I would like to add one more. It is the sound of ice fracturing beneath the feet of a tentative goose - impossible to describe – a sweet, silver sound, all but forgotten from last winter and then suddenly present again. And at this threshold of the year it is delightful to know there are hundreds more ‘through leaves’ moments to come. One could say that making time for them is the key to a contented life, so I pray for time or the presence of mind to feel time.

And the feel of a perfect pen...

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view from the top of wastwater screes

A new series of paintings exploring the landscape of Mountains.

Ever suffer from mountain-sickness - the longing to take off into wild and inaccessible places?

300 miles from the nearest peak, Rosemary finds a cure by swapping boots for brushes and takes a walk in paint through the wilderness landscapes of her mind.

Exhibition open throughout weekends in May and at other times when possible. Please see opening times for daily information.


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