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enhancing the ideological and political work within the work team
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author:admin Time:2017-11-23 14:43 Clicks:1821

  Work team is the foundation of a enterprise, the ideological and political work of work teams is a important part, meanwhile is different from ideological and political work of enterprise. The scale of a work team is smaller, team leaders could communicate with workers more effectively and find problems timelier than senior executives. Thus the ideological and political works must implement base on the characters of work team.

  "Ideological and political work is the 'lifeline' of economic work and all the other works."

  Ideological and political work is like the air, it is intangible but vital for both organizations and individuals.

  As a team leader needs to take ideological and political work into daily team management, set up quantified assessment indexes, boost the benign interaction between 'tangible' and 'intangible', continuously improve management skills , in order to let workers see the benefits of ideological and political works.

  The organizational change might involved benefits of workers. The key point of ideological and political work is eliminating the dilemmas of workers. While educating, solving problems of workers. Therefore , workers could feel the warmth of enterprise meanwhile being educated.